Draconic Lord is Drafero's true form used when he tries to defeat Kirby in Kirby 3D: Master of the Stars. He's the true final boss of the game.


In this form, Drafero has a more fiercer appearance and looks much more dragon-like. He has black horns adorned with red stripes, has dark red eyes, has large red wings and has black skin. His belly is light red in color and has a Dark Matter eye appearing in it. His tail is long and ends in a blue gem. The crown it used in its "friendly" form is retained but is resized to fit his head. He wears a black cape and carries the fairy's wand.

In EX mode, the Draconic Lord has a larger crown, his wings appear to be more tattered, his small horns turn into large, Texas Longhorn-like horns. His tail also has a collection of spiked rings on it.


The Draconic Lord is much bigger in appearance this time. He is able to shoot blue fire in to the sky that creates flaming meteors that fall down into the battlefield, he can shoot homing blue fire at the players, use his tail to create various tremors, fly around the stage and shoot blue fireballs, use dark beams that he shoots out of his Dark Matter eye, create copies of mini-bosses fought by Kirby and his friends, use the wand to conjure dark flames in the battlefield, use the wand to shoot dark sparks or throwing mysterious balls made of dark matter. To defeat him, take the Warp-Star on the far end of the battlefield and shoot him with it whenever his mouth is open. Do this three times and the Draconic Lord should be defeated. He can also crush the Warp-Star, making it disappear and unusable for some time. His battle music can be heard here.


  • It is unknown how the Draconic Lord got a Dark Matter eye in his belly.
    • Though this could've happened because he wished for it using the fairy's wand.
  • The Draconic Lord is Kirby's second biggest enemy yet (first being Queen Sectonia's second form in Kirby Triple Deluxe)

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