Drafero is, at first, the secondary protagonist turned main antagonist of Kirby 3D: Master of the Stars. He is the final boss of the game.


Drafero in his normal form has the appearance of a small dragon resembling the Ice Dragon boss from Kirby's Dreamland 2. He has a white belly with black skin. His lower belly is gray while his back spikes are red. He has black eyes with white irises.

In his ruler form, he acquires the fairy queen's wand and a purple cape. He also wears a black crown with a red jewel on it at all times. The wand's stick is gray in color and has a diamond embedded on the top.


Drafero first appears with Kirby chasing down a rolling apple across the grassy plains. The apple rolls over to a forest where both characters see a damaged fairy. Kirby decides to help her retrieve her wand's parts so Drafero tags along to help as well.

Once the wand is complete, the heroes deliver the wand to the fairy and travel to Sparkle Star. Reaching the fairy's original throne in the world's castle, Drafero outright betrays his friends and assumes total control over Sparkle Star. He then blasts Kirby and the fairy out of the castle while he slowly gains more energy to use to conquer even more planets. Kirby and the fairy manage to reach the evil dragon's place but all they see is a black hole leading to another dimension. Both heroes head through it and find themselves in a dark room with a black hole in the background. Drafero appears and uses the wand's power to gain energy to defeat Kirby. Fortunately, the villain is defeated in the battle against Kirby and his friends. Before Kirby and the fairy could celebrate, Drafero retakes the crown and gives it even more power, transforming him into his true form, the Draconic Lord. Despite the bigger size and abilities, the villain was defeated. The large beast will be spewing black smoke and change into his "friendly" mode. When on his "friendly" mode, a showing of Drafero's spirit leaving the body is seen, Drafero's body will then disintegrate into nothing.


In his normal form, Drafero is a quick individual, able to teleport across the black room numerous times. He can use the wand to shoot balls of dark energy or shoot miniature Dark Matter at the players. He can quickly dash through the stage and leave a trail of fire, use a black star to shoot out purple beams, create copies of himself and throw stars, or levitate to the center of the stage and induce several tremors which will open cracks in the floor. Attack him normally to do damage to him. Once he's done, he'll turn into his final form, the Draconic Lord. See the Draconic Lord's battle strategy here.


When as a playable character, Drafero has the Fire ability always with him. He can do most of the moves Kirby can do with the ability. Instead of puffing up and flying, he uses his small wings to fly up. He gains much more abilities when he becomes Sparkle Star's ruler.


Drafero, at first, is a caring individual who likes helping others in need. Having a heroic nature to retrieve the fairy's wand as well. He's also very friendly, and is even seen conversing with enemies and such (although some enemies may be in league with him as a bad guy).

As the Sparkle Star ruler, he becomes a ruthless and cruel being who only cares about himself and is destined to rule the whole universe. He also gets manipulative and will also betray his own men giving the chance. He has a particular hate for Kirby and wants him dead for good.


Stop trying who you really aren't, Kirby. You're not the hero from Pop Star nor a normal hero. Do what your kind does best...destroy stuff.

With you out of the way, I WILL be free to rule the whole universe and its stars! Nothing will stand in my way, not even you, Kirby!

Time to show you my true power, Kirby! Tremble in fear of the mighty Draconic Lord!




  • It is unknown if Dark Matter has something to do with Drafero or not.
  • Drafero resembles the Ice Dragon boss from Kirby's Dreamland 2 only with a different color scheme and appearance.

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