"Why did I make a steampunk sly cooper slyte table top wargame? becasue there wasn't before, that why."- Stmpeng MK.1

VOx-hole is a turn based mmo steampunk strategy game for the Ps vita,PS3, and PC takeing place in the "GASLIGHT" world. It also has it own table top game with most of the same rules, save for one very note wothy rule. VOx-hole also gots a 3rd person RTS tie in call "GENUIS:combat".

Plot line and historyEdit

one of the things make the "GASLIGHT" game unique is that the game plot line, is also it history. and this games history, is big( 1858-1899), offen times, the history coinsides with the plot.

1790's - 1858 (prolog)Edit


Table-top gameplayEdit

Video game gameplayEdit

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