Gao Gao

Squeak Squad artwork

Gao Gao is a mid-boss enemy from the Kirby series. He appears in Kirby 3D: Master of the Stars as a mini-boss faced in various locations.


Gao Gao resembles a bigger Gaw Gaw enemy. They're blue in color with a light blue belly, mouth and feet. They have a small tuft of hair on their head and also have ears. Gao Gao have black eyes and black noses. They have large, yellow claws and yellow paw prints.


Gao Gao normally appear in mountainous areas or field areas. Sometimes, a door will take Kirby and his friends to an enclosed cave that leads downwards and has a cracked wall in front. Once Kirby and his friends step forward, the Mini-Boss Theme will play and a Gao Gao will come bursting through the cracked wall. Kirby and his friends have to run away from him as he violently flails his arms in efforts to hurt the heroes.

Once the heroes reach the exit of the narrow cave, they'll arrive in a circular arena made of dirt. Gao Gao will drop from above and commence the second phase of the battle. A Gao Gao always starts by spinning around with its claws outstretched. The spin attack will follow Kirby or select one of his friends to pursue. Once the attack's done, a few stars are released which can be targeted against him if the character has no Copy Ability. His second attack has Gao Gao burrowing into the dirt ground below him and follow a random character. If the one of the player's controls vibrates violently, then Gao Gao is pursuing that player. Once time passes, the mini-boss will emerge out of the ground in efforts to hurt the selected player. After this, the mini-boss will slash his claws around and have a random pattern instead of the set one. Kirby and his friends have to hit him normally to defeat him. Once a Gao Gao's health bar is gone, it'll collapse on the floor and can be inhaled. If left for too long, it'll explode on its own and the normal path will open itself. Gao Gao always give out the Animal ability when defeated.

Like all mini-bosses, Gao Gao appears in the EX Mode of the game. These ones are crimson red in color and have black claws. They also have a meaner expression and have scars on their right eyes. They'll attack in a more violently manner and their pattern is completely random.


  • "Gao" is the Japanese version of the word "bark".

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