Kabula is an immense, female blimp that appears as a boss in Kirby Super Star Ultra and Kirby 3D: Master of the Stars. She appears as the boss of Exciting Skies.


Kabula is a huge, light brown blimp. It has a propeller on its far end, has painted eyes which have eyelashes, a big smile on its face, has a pink nose-like marking on its front, has a triangular "wing" above her and also has a cannon under her. The cannon is gray in color and has a orange front.

In her EX appearance, Kabula herself doesn't change but she acquires a new form in the name of Metal Kabula. This form is completely metallic in appearance and is shiny gray in color. The eyes, eyelashes and mouth still are kept though.


Kirby and his friends enter through a door which leads them to a passageway that goes all the way forward. It is also in the sky. Once they enter, Kabula appears bashing from the back and pursues the players down the path, destroying the path and damaging anyone who touches her. She will also throw cannonballs that will make breaks in the path. The path will also have a few enemies in the way and small obstacles. After some time of avoiding her, the heroes encounter a door and quickly head through it.

The door will take the heroes to a high ledge in a mountain where the warp star awaits. The heroes quickly take it and fly to the skies where Kabula awaits. She'll appear from beneath the clouds and battle the heroes. This battle is performed in a sidescrolling way, similar to past Kirby games. Kabula will be shooting cannonballs rapidly at you or charge forward. The cannonballs all are different in size so the players have to watch out for them. She'll also shoot Bullet Bill-like missiles. To defeat her, rapidly shoot stars at her with the Warp-Star. After some hits, she'll get a hole on her body and drop down in flames.

A stronger and more faster version exists called Kabula EX. This version is faced in the EX Mode of the game. It is able to do high-speed tackles and shoot even more cannonballs and missiles. Once she's defeated in this form, she'll trigger a fail-safe alarm and turn completely metallic. She is then able to shoot electric projectiles and has much more endurance over attacks, making taking her down much more slower. Once defeated, she'll simply explode.




  • Kabula was once named Kaboola and was the penultimate boss of Kirby's Dreamland, the first game of the series. She even had a different design.
  • Kabula bears a resemblance to the Bullet Bill enemies from the Super Mario series. The missiles she shoots also have menacing faces which make them look like Torpedo Teds, enemies similar to Bullet Bills but appear only underwater.

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