The Land Eel is a boss faced by Kirby and his friends in Kirby 3D: Master of the Stars. He's the boss of Rigorous Mountainside.


The Land Eel is a gigantic Moray Eel that lives in the land. He's brown in color with dirt-like dark brown patches on his skin. His fins are a darker brown. He has a shark-like eye which is surrounded by a dark brown spot.

In his EX appearance, the Land Eel has a magma-like appearance.


Kirby and his friends will exit a door and find themselves in the mountain side. Run through the spiral mountain and the heroes will find themselves in an open-circled mountain with a view of the volcano in the far front. An earthquake will occur and the Land Eel will smash out of the side of the volcano and curl himself across the volcano. The battle will start here. The boss is able to shoot dirt balls, make the volcano erupt and shoot magma balls or make the mountain the heroes are standing in vibrate a little to make the heroes lose balance. To hit him, wait until he shoots out the magma balls and when he opens his mouth, shoot them at him. After half his health is done, he'll fake a defeat and fall down from the volcano. After some time, he'll unexpectedly appear in the side of the mountain the players are at. He'll throw dirt balls faster this time or use his tail to smash down. Hit him normally in this state. Once the boss is finished, the mountain the heroes are standing on will crumble down and all characters will fall down to the floor. The heroes will land safely but the Land Eel will fall into the river nearby.

A stronger and more dangerous version of the Land Eel called Land Eel EX appears in the game's EX Mode. This one is shoots more dirt balls, magma balls and his tail slam will create shockwaves.


  • In The Arena and True Arena, once he's defeated, the mountain won't crumble and the boss will just fall.

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