"MICHAEL BOLTOOOOOON!!!!!!! WHERE ART THOU, MICHAEL BOLTON, EVEN THOUGH I DON'T LIKE YOU THAT MUCH?!?!?!?!?!" - One of Pcull44444's most iconic lines in the game.

Pcull44444 and the Search for Michael Bolton is a platform/role-playing/adventure game starring Pcull44444 developed by Telltale Games and Sanzaru for the PS-Box U and the 3DVita. Fellow Let's Players SuperJeenius, JoshJepson and Lucahjin appear as playable characters, with SkiddleZizKewl, BrutalMoose, AttackingTucans and MasaeAlena being unlockable characters.


One Saturday evening, when Josh Jepson felt the urge to eat the pizza in Lucahjin's fridge, Pcull44444 and his friends were doing a Let's Play of the legendary "Michael Bolton vs. The Evil Dr. Doctor" when the power went out during a recording. Knocked unconscious by a mysterious evil force, the four heroes found themselves in a fantasy world of weirdness and strangeness when they woke up. Told that the evil Dr. Doctor has made the legendary Michael Bolton vanish without a trace, Pcull44444, in a moment of glorious glory and despite his apparent hatred for Michael Bolton, chose to find a way to find Michael Bolton and rescue him from evilness, doom and sadness with the use of "Magic Lemonade", a drinkable drink of magical magic, and the Wonderful Weapon of Wonder, a magic sword that seemed to appear from within Pcull44444's jacket through unknown and very strange means. Meanwhile, Dr. Doctor was making plans to use the Seven Elemental Monkey Statuettes for something...


Players play as Pcull44444, SuperJeenius, Josh Jepson (I assume you knew this already), and Lucahjin and they travel through several worlds and levels collecting random stuff ranging from comic books to what appears to be cans of pork and beans with a bandicoot on it. Gameplay would be free-roaming in the hubworlds but 2D in the actual levels. As players defeat enemies, they receive Experience Points and United Gamer Points, the latter being sellable at UnitedGamer101's Epic Gym Place Thing. Currency in the game is Z-Coinz, which are usable in Z-Mann's Shop of Shopping Shoppers. Through the traversing of these random yet equally fun levels, the players would fight a boss, and after each boss, they would advance to the next world until they fought the evil Dr. Doctor and his army, and free Michael Bolton.


During development of another game "The RunawayGuys: The Game", the developers began thinking of things. And when they were done thinking, they thought of more things. And after thinking of more things, they thought of monkeys, which in turn led them to make a game based on a bunch of people most of them never heard of before. "Admittedly," said Matt Kraemer, "we had no clue what we were doing besides eating nachos and developing things. However, when we saw Pcull's touching rendition of Kiss from a Rose, we knew that we had found the Chosen One." What Matt Kraemer meant by this is anyone's guess, but apparently, it led him to developing more glorious games, one of which seemingly saved the world from total annihilation at the hands of the Three Unwise Monkeys and Their Two Cousins.

When approached about the game, Michael Bolton gave interviewers the strangest response: "I feel compelled to dress like a monkey." A month later, news reports state that people found him driving go-karts in random ditches, usually to Nintendo music. No one knows why he did this, but it was a given that he needed to be transferred to the bakery, as their was nothing but bread and wood there.


IGN gave it an 11/10, the first of its kind. "Sanzaru and Telltale Games deliver, that's all there is to it. But now we feel compelled to wonder why we wonder things. It's such a philosophical, almost Shakespearian game that I feel like crying right now. So this is what thinking outside of the box is like? We should do this more often. Otherwise gaming would stagnate." GameInformer gave the game the same score as IGN, saying, "We like this game. It makes us warm inside. However, now we want Sanzaru's nachos."


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