Sandoom is a boss faced by Kirby and his friends in Kirby 3D: Master of the Stars. He's the boss of Amazing Desert


In his first form, Sandoom appears to be a huge sand tornado that carries numerous junk in it. It is revealed that Sandoom is in fact some kind of dragonfly. He has a green head with brown compound-eyes, has a small, green thorax with brown, skinny bug legs. The legs have blue rings on them. He has a long, green tail with a small stinger on its end. The tail has red spots on it. It has 4 wings which are dusty brown in color.

Sandoom EX has a red appearance and also has Egyptian-like hieroglyphs in its body. Its stinger is also larger.


Kirby and his friends enter through a door which leads them to an open-place desert environment. Once they enter, they notice a huge sand tornado forming in the background which continues to grow. The tornado itself doesn't have attacks but touching it will make the heroes suffer lots of damage by getting blown to the top of the tornado and then dropped to the ground. It will also rain debris which can be avoided by checking the shadow of the falling thing. To attack it, one has to throw bombs at the tornado, which can be grabbed in the far end of the stage. Once enough bombs are thrown, the tornado will explode and reveal Sandoom the dragonfly. The bug will fly around the stage at high speeds. It will flap its wings quick enough to create slashes of air, quickly target an opponent and sting him/her, flap its wings to make rocks fly forward and create mini-whirlwinds and send them flying at all directions. You'll have to wait until the bug targets and enemy and manages to bury his stinger in the sand, leaving him wide open for attacking. Once defeated, Sandoom will fall in the floor and explode.

A stronger and more dangerous version of Sandoom is fought in the EX Mode of the game, named Sandoom EX. This version's tornado form is much more faster and rains more debris. In its dragonfly form, he's much more faster and will shoot lots of air slashes too. The whirlwinds he shoots also get bigger. The rocks it brings up are also larger too.


  • This boss resembles the Pokémon, Yanmega.

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