The Adventures of Freddy Fazbear is a fictitious Saturday Morning Cartoon created to advertise Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.


"Imagine a world where animals act like people, where adventure is always around the corner, and pizza is always on the menu. In this world, Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Rabbit, and Chica the Chicken actually exist! All they want to do is have fun eating pizza, traveling the world, and making friends along the way. However, the greedy pirate, Foxy the Fox, captain of the Iron Anchovy, wants everything, including Freddy's pizza, for himself. But don't worry, kids! With friends like Chica and Bonnie, Freddy will always be ready to defend the world's pizza! HAVE A PIZZA PERFECT DAY!!"


Each episode of the cartoon is meant to last approximately thirty minutes, and, unlike other goofy Saturday Morning cartoons, this one has story arcs, giving the show some continuity.

List of CharactersEdit


Frederick "Freddy" Fazbear: As the main protagonist, Freddy Fazbear is the leader of his group of friends. Always loving the thrill of adventure, his quick-thinking and deductive reasoning skills make foes like Foxy hard pressed to find a way to steal pizza. Often on the road, this fun-loving showman loves a good performance and an exotic bite to eat along the way. With all this nice cuisine, he'd be hard pressed to not find a good pizza topping. Freddy is often considered to be quite a gentleman by those who meet him. He cares deeply about his pals Chica and Bonnie. He has a crush on the overly ambitious Fiona Frost.

Chica the Chicken: Often mistaken for a duck, duckling, or chick, Chica is actually an adult chicken with yellow feathers. Traversing the world with Freddy for years, these two have quite a bond together. Through thick and thin, Chica promises to be a loyal friend to the end. She greatly anticipates her next meal, which she hopes will be better than the last. Despite being a bit of a showoff, she is often proving herself worthy of living up to at least a few of her boasts. Now if only she would stop boasting...

Bonnie the Rabbit: Bonnie is a very special kind of rabbit. For one thing, this recent addition to Freddy's list of friends is fairly odd, often doing and saying goofy things that might not always make sense. While extremely scatter-brained, Bonnie often acts as the comic relief and all it may imply. Bonnie's androgynous voice and appearance has made Chica and Bonnie question a few things. Is Bonnie a tomboy, or a feminine man? Whatever the case may be, Bonnie is just what people need when things get emotionally tough.

Fiona Frost: A young grizzly bear woman with a strong need to seek thrills. Fiona tends to travel on her own, having her own goals to achieve. Acting as a friendly rival to Freddy, who is smitten with her, Fiona Frost often competes with Freddy in friendly competitions and the seeking of valuable treasure, often attracting Foxy to the scene and occasionally getting in trouble. Thankfully, Freddy and Fiona work well together, so they often rescue each other when situations call for it. Carl Kodiak tends to hit on her often, much to Freddy's dismay.

Enig-Ma: A mysterious Bengal Tiger who loves to appear when the heroes least expect it. Not much is known about him, but he appears to be an ally of Freddy Fazbear, so that counts for something...


Captain Foxy the Fox: With every pizza loving ursine, there is always a crafty and shady fox to act as his self-proclaimed arch-nemesis. As captain of the Iron Anchovy, Foxy does what he can to keep his crew in line, abusing them on certain occasions if he ever thinks they're hiding things from him. He makes it his life's mission to steal and hoard all of the world's valuables, and to have a taste of the pizza he hopes to take from Freddy is like music to his ears. Often more of a thinker than a fighter, Foxy tries using his wits against Freddy. However, should his plans go wrong, Foxy will make a mad dash back to his ship, ready to fight another day and get his revenge...

Dr. Howlingstein: A mad scientist wolf with a love for high technology. His ego being the biggest thing he has, nothing anyone says will convince him that his cruel experiments are doing nothing special. Once he finds out something useful, expect him to exploit it for his own twisted ends. He is to Bonnie what Foxy is to Freddy.

Golden Freddy: It seems as if there's usually some kind of evil clone of the hero in cartoons. Golden Freddy is no different. His origins a mystery, the golden exterior of this devious doppelgangar hides behind it a being with very cruel intentions. Everything that Freddy Fazbear is Golden Freddy is not. In short, he's nasty.

Admiral Neptune: The mysterious Pirate Lord known as Admiral Neptune is the ruler of all pirates. Let that sink in for a second...

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