Vermititan is a boss faced by Kirby and his friends in Kirby 3D: Master of the Stars. He's the boss of Resting Wonderland.


Vermititan is a large anteater monster. He's yellow in color with dark yellow stripes (similar to those of an anteater) on his body. His tail is bushy and is yellow in color. He has a black top hat and has black rings on his feet. He wears a black collar as well.

In his EX appearance, he gets a starry blue coloring and has numerous spots which resemble stars in the galaxy.


The heroes will first enter through an elevator which will lead them to the battlefield. The arena is a large scrapyard with cranes and wrecking balls. The boss will arrive on the stage by a small chain that lowers from the top screen. The boss is able to move quickly across the arena and slash with his claws. He'll sometimes spin around on the floor with his long tongue outstretched. He has a degree of magic abilities as shown he being able to shoot magical blue balls, shoot homing stars and throw dark shuriken made of black magic. Once he's on 50% of health, he'll sometimes jump up and arrive on a wrecking ball coming from a nearby machine on the background. The wrecking ball will travel in straight lines for some time. He'll return to normal battle after sometime. Once he's defeated, he'll escape to somewhere.

A stronger and quicker version of Vermititan appears in the EX Mode of the game. This version is quicker with his attacks and will add extra effects to his attacks. As a last ditch effort, Vermititan will arrive with the T-O-N-G-U-E 5000 mech of his.


  • Vermititan is a combination of "Vermilingua", the species where anteaters come from and "Titan", referencing his somewhat large size or foreshadowing his mech.

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